Bankruptcy and Small Business

A Practical Course for Newcomers

Small businesses have been especially hard hit by the pandemic, and many have never been so seriously threatened by financial collapse. Many will necessarily consider, for the first time ever, the possibility of bankruptcy. And, the individuals behind the businesses will ask their lawyers, accountants, and advisors “should I file bankruptcy.” Advising these clients on the right answer requires an understanding of the basic tools bankruptcy can offer, but like their clients, many of these lawyers have never faced these issues before.

To help bridge this gap, Wake Forest School of Law and Thomson Reuters are providing, free to the legal community at large, a unique 15-hour CLE for bankruptcy newcomers.

These programs are designed to provide legal professionals with the skills and savvy necessary to help their small business clients navigate the post-COVID economy.

This practically focused series of courses includes:

  • 15 hours of conversations with practicing experts, using straightforward, understandable terms
  • Structured discussions among judges, lawyers, trustees, and bankruptcy administrators
  • An overview of how bankruptcy works generally and how it works differently depending on the client’s peculiar circumstances, needs, and goals
  • Broad overviews of the types of bankruptcy available to small business, narrowing to specific but commonly encountered topics and issues